Chapter Titles

1.     Sliver in the Foot
2.     How Dare You?
3.     White, God and Miller
4.     William Miller: His Methods and
5.     Right is Wrong and Wrong is
6.     Truth Changes—Again!
7.     The Swinging Door
8.     The Door Opens Again—Quietly
9.     The Sliver—The Investigative
10.   A Broken Chain—A Biblical
11.   Lumps Under the Rug
         —A Historical Evaluation
12.   Is This Truth?—A Theological
13.   Living in the Judgment
        —An Experiential Evaluation
14.   We Knew It Was Wrong...But
        —An Ethical Evaluation
15.  The Pillar—The Heart of SDA
16.  Tampering With the Word
17.   I've Been Acquitted!—The Good
        News of Judgment
18.   Marks of a Cult—Do SDAs
19.   The Prophet, The Angel and The          Church
20.   Alarm Bells—An Evangelical          Wake-up Call.
Appendix A: Fundamental Beliefs of         SDAs
Appendix B: Questionable
       Statements by Ellen G. White
Appendix C: Ellen G. White        Bibliography
Appendix D: Select Bibliography
Appendix E: Statement from SDA leaders and/or church releases that show many Adventist place the writings of Ellen G. White on the same level as Scripture, some even above.




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The Cultic Doctrine of
Seventh-day Adventism
An Evangelical Wake-up Call

--Second Revision--

by Dale Ratzlaff

380 pages, $16.95

Ellen White said that Daniel 8:14 was the "central pillar of Adventism". Cultic Doctrine examines this foundational, "central pillar" in five differently ways. The doctrine of the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary and the investigative judgment that is said to have started on October 22, 1844 is Adventism's "contribution" to Christianity. No other church group in history has taught this doctrine.

Cultic Doctrine has over 700 footnotes, mostly from Adventist sources, is a thorough study of this centerpiece of Adventist Theology yet remains easy to read.

"The time for a reassessment among evangelicals is long overdue, because for too many inattentive Christians, Seventh-day Adventism represents a profound danger hidden in plain sight." — Paul Carden, Executive Director, Centers for Apologetics Research, San Juan Capistrano, California.

"If you have every wondered what makes Seventh-day Adventism different from evangelical Christianity, you’re holding in your hand the very best explanation I’ve ever seen. This book will affect and challenge Adventism for decades to come." — J. Mark Martin, Senior Pastor, Calvary Community Church, Phoenix, Arizona

"Ratzlaff’s writing clearly possesses a spirit of meekness; it is nevertheless a tour de force. Patiently pursuing his subject, he lays out the evidence supporting an irresistible conclusion—Ellen White was not a true prophet or messenger from God, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not what it claims to be, the only true 'remnant church.'"— Timothy Oliver, Editor & Researcher, Watchman Fellowship

"Of all the books I have read on Seventh-day Adventism, this is the most in-depth, yet readable examination of SDA’s 1844 investigative judgment doctrine…The way Mr. Ratzlaff analyzes the main points of SDA doctrine and confronts SDAs with Bible truth is superb. I congratulate Mr. Ratzlaff for this wonderful work." Pastor Ernesto Alers-Martir, Spanish Bethel Christian Missionary Alliance Church, Montreal, Quebec

The late  Donald G. Barnhouse, after thorough study of this tenant of Adventism said, "The [sanctuary] doctrine is, to me, the most colossal, psychological, face-saving phenomenon in religious history. ... We personally do not believe that there is even a suspicion of a verse in Scripture to sustain such a peculiar position, and we further believe that any effort to establish it is stale, flat, and unprofitable. ... [It is] unimportant and almost naïve. Eternity, 7:67, September 1956, pp. 6-7, 43-45.

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