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Adventist to Christian

by Dale Ratzlaff
Four audio CDs, $20.00

What caused a successful, fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist pastor, Bible teacher, graduate of Andrews University with an M.Div degree, one who had completed three fourths of the Doctoral Ministry program and one who had read nearly all of Ellen Whit's writings to leave the Adventist church and ministry? Many have asked this question and to date only partial answers have been given. In his newest book, Truth Led Me Out, Dale Ratzlaff allows the reader (or listener of the CDs) to enter into his experience as he accidentally or providentially— you must decide— received, information, processed that information and then made prayerful decisions based upon that information. You will feel the varying emotions of sadness, anger, disappointment, and hilarious joy as he worked through the issues in his transition from Adventist to Christian. Pastor Ratzlaff also documents incidents in the Adventist underground some of which remain undisclosed until now. For the sake of history, he shares specific names and places in his journey. This CD was made before Truth Led Me Out was printed. It has much of the same material.

Chapter titles are:

  1.    Adventist
  2.    Who Am I?
  3.    Follow Me
  4.    Questions
  5.    Gospel Clarity
  6.    Secret Meetings
  7.    Adventist Underground
  8.    The Gathering Storm
  9.    Decision Day
10.    Free to Discover
11.    The Sabbath Revisited
12.    Encounter with the Holy
13.    Expanding Ministry
14.    Christian.

To order, click here

Sabbath vs. Sunday Debate

Clinton Chilsholm
One Audio CD, $8.00

Section Titles:

1.    Critical Covenants in the Old Testament

2.     Hebrews & Mosaic Covenant

3.     Galatians & Mosaic Laws

4.     Romans & Mosaic Law

5.     Sunday Observance in History.

Rev. Clinton Chilsholm has given a number of seminars to churches in Bermuda and the United States. He now serves as pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Hollywood, Florida.

This is an excellent presentation of the issues involved. To order click here


Messenger to the
Twenty-first Century

(or Stone Cutter's Bride)

by Sam Pestes
7 audio CDs $35.00
7 audio cassette tapes $7.50

If you live in Canada order this set directly from Sam Pestes at (250)765-5121 or by email at This will save you the extra shipping costs to Canada.

If you live in the USA order here.

Titles are as follows:

1.    When Abraham Met Jesus Christ

2.    Jacob Identifies the True Israel

3.    Why Jesus Do Not Confirm the Sinai

4.    Kindergarten Christians—When Will We
       Grow Up?

5.    Married To A Memory? Romans 7

6.    Galatians—Antichrist Infiltrates the

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