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We attended the Evangelistic Ministries to New Religions held in Denver. It was escellent. Colleen Tinker gave a presentation on Adventism, we sold, or gave away, a number of books and attended many very good meetings.

Dr. Andre Hill from Jamaica has just given two powerful presentations on Adventism that has shaken all the Adventist churchs on the island.

We also have just added an illustrated video presentation on the topic of the Sabbath. Find these new presentations by clicking on "Video and Audo" on left.

What evangelical pastors are saying about our presentations:

Pastor Blair Hayward, The Chapel, St. Joseph, Mi

Pastor Mike Morris, Calvary Chapel Antelope Valley, Lancaster, CA

Pastor Dave Lucas, Calvary Chapel, Glide, OR


Please watch one of the last interviews with the late Walter Martin and an Adventist leader. Had Dr. Martin changed his mind about Adventism? You decide.

           Walter Martin vs. Robert Johnston interview on the John Ankerberg Show. This is a must see!


Former Adventist Forum

More coming soon.