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Free Spanish Books!

We now have three of our Spanish that can be printed from a pdf file. Click on link above for these three books.

The "Share the Truth" pack now contains nine books and four DVDs, a $129.00 value for only $59.99. Click on "Discounted Sale Packs" at left.

All four of our new DVDs, the same as the new YouTube presentations are available for only $2.00 ($1.00 in quantities of 10 or more).

Register for the next Former Adventist Conference in Redlands CA on the topic of Revelation. Click on Donations to Lam, Inc. at left.

We have a number of reports of people who are sharing either the YouTube links or the DVDs with their Adventist friends with good success.

What evangelical pastors are saying about our presentations:

Pastor Blair Hayward, The Chapel, St. Joseph, Mi

Pastor Mike Morris, Calvary Chapel Antelope Valley, Lancaster, CA

Pastor Dave Lucas, Calvary Chapel, Glide, OR


Please watch one of the last interviews with the late Walter Martin and an Adventist leader. Had Dr. Martin changed his mind about Adventism? You decide.

           Walter Martin vs. Robert Johnston interview on the John Ankerberg Show. This is a must see!