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Share the truth pack

LAM Publications, LLC has moved from Casa Grande to Camp Verde Arizona. To celebrate our new home we are offering a nine book "Share the truth" pack for less than the bookstore wholesale price. Yes, All nine books below, a $123 vlaue, for only $59.00 plus shipping!

Now is a good time to complete your libarary and share the truth with an inquiring friend.

This offer is limited and may be withdrawn at any time!

1 - Sabbath in Chirst, by Dale Ratzlaff

1 - The Cultic Doctrine of Adventism, by Dale Ratzlaff

1 - Truth Led Me Out, by Dale Ratzlaff

1 - Truth about Adventist "Truth", by Dale Ratzlaff

1 - My Cup Overflows, by Carolyn Ratzlaff

1 - A Theologian's Journey, by Jerry Gladson

1 - White Washed, Sydney Cleveland

1 - The Sabbath and the Lord's Day, by H.M. Riggle

1 - White Out, by Dirk Anderson

All for only $59.00 plus shipping.

Order Now