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We have a New illustrated presentation
on the topic of the Sabbath
Made by Chris White, a film maker and evangelist from Tenessee.

I have a little different interpretation
of Christ's words in Matthew about
praying that your flight be not
in the winder or on the Sabbath.
However, it makes no differnece
in the tholology of the Sabbath.

The Sabbath and New Covenant

Following are two presentations given
by Dr. Andre Hill on Religious Hardtalk in Jamaci.

The Adventist church is the largest church in Jamaica
and these persentations are causing quite a stir.

"The response is shocking! Adventist churches
are having meetings islandwide!"

First Interview

Second Interview

Interview between Walter Martin and William Johnson on the John Ankerberg Show

Sabbath in Christ, by Dale Ratzlaff, given at Former Adventist Fellowship weekend, Redlands, California


Audio Files

A Comparison between Adventism and Evangelical Chrisitanty, by Dale Ratzlaff, given at Rialto Calvory Chapel, Rialto California